2014 WSOP Bracelet

The 2014 WSOP November Nine Begin the Wait

2014 WSOP BraceletWhat do you think is the most impressive feat in poker? Daniel Negreanu’s lead at the top of the all time money lists? The quickest player to ever reach Supernova Elite? Managing to win 13 WSOP bracelets? Today, we saw a new contender for the title. American Mark Newhouse made last year’s WSOP November Nine of the Main Event, and he’s back again this year for another attempt to pick up the title. Not since Dan Harrington has anyone made back to back final tables in the WSOP Main Event, and Harrington managed the feat back in 2003/2004 in fields of 839 and 2,576 respectively. Newhouse has done it in fields of 6,352 and 6,683 which is a much bigger deal given the relative chances of making it this far. While it may not eclipse the 13 bracelets of Phil Hellmuth, Newhouse’s effort has to go straight into the top five all time most impressive feats in poker. Newhouse will be hoping to come back in November and last longer than he did last year, when he exited in 9th place.

Newhouse isn’t going to be alone in November, he will be joined by 8 others. Leading the pack is Dutchman Jorryt van Hoof, who will be returning in the autumn with over 38 Million in chips. After taking five years off of the WSOP, van Hoof is back in style. Known as “TheCleaner11” online, he has been playing cash games professionally for years. Going into the WSOP November Nine as the chip leader, he is in pole position for the title.

Next to van Hoof on the front row of the WSOP Grid is Norwegian professional Felix Stephensen. Originally hailing from Olso, he now resides in London, as playing online in Norway is frowned upon by the local authorities. Generally a Pot Limit Omaha player, this is only his third live cash listed on the Hendon Mob, and by far his biggest. He plays online as “FallAtYourFeet” and is currently up just over £300k lifetime. He will return to the Rio with 32.7 million in chips.

The Spanish player left at the table, Andoni Larrabe, was unknown to me, but after some research it appears he does have a pedigree. He won a $5,300 side event at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for over $200k, and in 2012 nearly made it to the final table of the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, but he busted in 11th for $70,000. With a smidge over 22.5 Million in his stack, he’ll be coming back in fourth place when play resumes.

Another professional to make it through the field to this point was Dan Sindelar. From Omaha, Nebraska, Sindelar will need to remember he only has two cards in his hand as he continues his run for his best ever cash in a tournament. Before this event, his best was $105,312 for winning the $1,000 entry 2007 Fall Poker Classic in Shakopee. He has been quoted as saying “This is so much fun, I can’t really explain it right now, so much blood pumping right now,” he told reporters during Day 6. “I’ve never played for this amount of money, so I’ve never really quite felt this feeling before. I just love it. I want to come back again next year and hopefully do the same thing.”

Winner of the “Longest Name in the WSOP November Nine Award” goes to William Pappaconstantinou, who will be wearing out writers keyboards from here until at least November. Thankfully for those of us with dying keyboards, he also goes by the name “Billy Pappas.” He is a professional Foosball player (table football), and has recorded five wins on the US Circuit. He has just under $90,000 is live tournament winnings, and if anyone could be described as an amateur at this table, Billy Pappas is one of only two. Pappaconstantinou will be back with 17.5 Million chips to continue his campaign.

WSOP November Nine (c) WSOP

WSOP November Nine (c) WSOP

If Billy Pappas is the first, William Tonking is the second amateur at the table. A New Jersey native, from some frantic internet searches we’ve only been able to gather a small amount of information on Tonking. With just over $93k in live cashes to his name, all but one of his results were in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City. One odd one out was a 5th place for $28,000 at the Sands Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. When the cards get back in the air, he’ll be starting with just over 15 Million in chips.

Martin Jacobson is another Scandinavian player who has made London his home. A regular on the professional circuit, he has yet to have a major trophy to take home and put on the mantelpiece. He has however made multiple WPT, WSOP and EPT final tables, but has never been able to capture one of the major titles. Maybe this is his chance to win the biggest title of all? He’ll have to get the cards to agree with him as he’ll only have 14.9 Million in chips when player starts again.

Last, but by no means least, is Bruno Politano. A Brazilian professional, he has recorded over $100k in live winnings before this event, and was 98th on the Brazilian All Time Money list before pocketing this latest cheque. He’ll jump into 5th once it’s taken in consideration. Politano is the shortest stack at the table, with just over 12.1 Million in front of him. Hopefully his fun rail will travel back with him in November.

Bubbling the final table is never fun, but Luis Velador has $565,193 reasons to feel better about it. He was eliminated by Newhouse in the final hand of the summer’s WSOP action when it all went in, and Velador’s fours were always behind Newhouse’s pair of fives.

That is the end of the summer’s fun from the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and it’s been a wild ride so far. There have been lots to talk about, from the action on the tables, to the live streams and the media, and even some comments on the payout structures. One thing I’ll always agree on, the WSOP is never boring. We’ll be keeping an eye on the WSOP November Nine between now and when they are back playing for the $10 Million first prize, and we’ll let you know if anything exciting happens.


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