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Big Day at the Online High Stakes Poker Tables

viktor-blom-sliceThis week has seen some big swings in the online high-stakes poker world, with millions of dollars changing hands over the virtual felt. The big winner over the past 7 days has been Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, who has been doing his usual thing of playing more than anyone else on the leaderboards. “Kagome Kagome” has been the next biggest winner, but he only played less than 10% of the hands played by Blom over the week.

The biggest loser of the week was relative unknown, “Carlooo13” who played most of the 1937 hands on record against Isildur1 at the Fixed Limit Omaha high/low (FLO8) tables.

Yesterday was the day that saw most of the action. The driver for the high stakes action, as always, was Viktor Blom, who played 3559 hands across several different games. He clashed with “kagome kagome,” Sebastian “taktloss47” Ruthenberg, and “Carlooo13.”

However, the first big action for the yesterday was between German “kagome kagome” , fellow enigmas “Trueteller” and “SanIker.” Chun “samrostan” Lei Zhou also sat in on the action. The Fixed Limit 2-7 triple Draw (2-7TD) game ran over about 380 hands across 2 tables. The limits were $1500/$3000, and Kagome emerged with the biggest profit, a very impressive $173,100. “Trueteller” ended his day after this action, recording a $109,981 loss for the day. “SanIker” also called it quits following a $102,096 loss.

Kagome then butted heads against railbird favourite, Isildur1. The game was 2-7 triple draw, but at the much lower limits of only $500/$1000. Blom was probably happy about the decision to play lower than usual, as after 131 hands, Kagome had reached in and pulled out $51,230 out of his wallet.

The action stayed focused on Viktor Blom, as it seems to do on Full Tilt these days, and he sought out new opponents. First up was Sebastian “taktloss47” Ruthenberg, again at a $500/$1000 2-7 TD table. 256 hands later, Blom was $75,952 to the good. The players decided to step up the action to the higher blinds of $1,000/$2,000, and played for another 103 hands. This part of the day favoured Ruthenberg, and he won back his previous losses, and was even able to post a profit. He ended the day with an extra $17,933 to his name.

The battle between Blom and “Carlooo13” started at 14:44 eastern time at the $1k/$2k FLO8 table, Yucca. 513 hands were played over the next two and a half hours, with Blom in control for most of the session. After just 45 minutes, Blom had a six figure profit. He managed to stay in control, ending the session over $116,000 up.

"Kagome Kagome" was the 2nd Biggest Winner Yesterday

“Kagome Kagome” was the 2nd Biggest Winner Yesterday

Blom switched up his game after “Carlooo13” left the tables, and moved over to the 2-7 TD tables, ending up facing “thecorster” for the next two hours. The $2K/$4K table, Shaw, saw Viktor add $214,374 to his bankroll. 2-7 TD remained the game of choice for the Swede, but the player across the felt changed. “Kagome Kagome” filled the roll vacated by “thecorster” and for the hands at the $2K/$4K Tuna table, it seemed that the change in opponent was immaterial to Blom. After being up around $180K, Kagome pegged Blom back, leaving the Full Tilt Professional with a $70,995 profit from the secretive German before the two of them moved to the table labelled “Algre”. Here, Kagome continued in control, and over a mere 157 hands took $115K from Blom. This was “kagome kagome’s” last action for the day, and he closed his client up $268,176.

Viktor Blom could have been forgiven for losing to Kagome, as just after the switch to the Algre table, Blom was also playing fixed-limit O8 against “Carlooo13” at the highest limits possible. During the time he was playing these two different games, Blom was down six-figure amounts on both tables. Following the closure of his action against Kagome, Blom was back to the player “Carlooo13” would remember from the earlier matchup. With both players reloading several times, the matchup ran for 990 hands. Blom emerged victorious, adding $420,727 into his piggy bank.  With the clock showing 01:32 AM eastern time, and with Blom being based in London, UK, it was time for the biggest winner of the day to head to bed. Blom ended his day of work up $647,300, while biggest loser for the day, “Carlooo13” ended down $537,820.


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