partypoker Offering 50% Rakeback to Elite of the Elite

Early last week, partypoker launched a new rakeback system called, simply enough, Cashback, giving players a chance to see cash deposited in their accounts each week depending on how much they play. Not long after the rollout, partypoker added the Diamond Club, a VIP level that isn’t even publicized on the official Cashback page, for those who are true heavy grinders.

First, let’s hit on a quick overview of the new program. Fortunately, unlike some rewards programs, it is pretty easy to follow. Players earn one reward point for every $1 in rake or tournament fees. Each week – starting at 00:00 CET Monday – those who earn at least 25 points can receive cash back. As players earn more points during the week, their rakeback percentage increases.

At that 25 point minimum, a player will earn $5 in cashback, equivalent to a 20 percent rakeback rate. That rate holds for each increment of 25 points up to 100 points. So, at 50 points, a player earns $10, at 75 points, he earns $15, and at 100 points, the reward is $20.

It is important to note that rakeback is not continuously earned in between those different thresholds. For example, a player who collects 30 points will not earn $6; he will still earn $5 and will have to wait until the 50 point mark to earn another chunk of rakeback.

At 150 points, the rakeback percentage goes up to 25 percent and the rewards increments are every 50 points. Rakeback goes up to 30 percent at the 600 point level with increments of 100 points and the top published rakeback percentage is 40 percent, starting at 1,200 points. From there on out, every 200 points earns another chunk of rakeback.

Points reset at the beginning of every week.

But for those who really go above and beyond with their play, partypoker has introduced the Diamond Club, which will give players 50 percent Cashback plus other VIP bonuses. As detailed on the partypoker blog, to be eligible for this elite tier, players must “commit to earning” 100,000 points in a 12-month period. While on their way to earning those points, players will still receive the usual Cashback according to the payout table. Once that 100,000 target is hit, players will be given the additional rakeback and rewards. Diamond Club members also get the royal treatment with a 24/7 Skype support line.

partypoker Ambassador Patrick Leonard, who will be the one to oversee the Diamond Club said in the blog:

I joined partypoker initially because management promised me that they would have the player’s best interests in mind and invest in the poker community and the Diamond Club will be an important part of this strategy. Over recent years, I have unfortunately seen certain online sites punish regular players who start games and encourage predatory regulars to prey on amateur players and weaker players. The Diamond Club will reward regulars who start games and continue games and not reward these predatory regs who jump into a game for a small amount of time when they believe their win rate is sky high and sit out when the weaker player has gone broke. I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t have a background in poker try and come up with ‘revolutionary’ ways to improve loyalty systems and not surprisingly, most of them have failed. Quite simply, those who want to support partypoker and make this their home for playing poker will be rewarded generously. Those who want to use partypoker to only prey on weaker players will not.

There is nothing in what was said in the blog post that specifically explains how “regulars who start games and continue games” will be rewarded, but one would surmise that they are rewarded as a natural result of their play. Those who start games and don’t just leave when another reg shows up will play short-handed a lot will naturally be contributing to the pot with great frequency (when they are heads-up, it will be every hand) and will therefore be credited for a significant portion of the rake. This leads, of course, to earning points quickly and makes it easier to qualify for Diamond Club.

Also on the blog, partypoker Managing Director Tom Waters said:

It’s important that we reward all our players. The Diamond Club comes as part of the roll-out of the new, significantly improved partypoker Cashback loyalty program. Having Patrick’s input in creating this VIP level in the new, rewarding rakeback scheme was imperative to ensure we got this right. We have listened and I’m sure that we are giving the players what they want.

Players interested in joining the Diamond Club must apply for membership by e-mailing [email protected]


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