Telemarketing Fraudster and Online-Gambling Wannabe Fred Khalilian Out at Monster

Fereidoun “Fred” Khalilian, the telemarketing fraudster and online-gambling con artist who also bilked two Oklahoma tribal nations out of nearly $20 million combined, was forcibly removed from his recently-announced role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Monster Cable ( or, the company that took on Khalilian and his hapless UEG (Universal Entertainment Group) online-gambling software projects. Khalilian, who arrived at last November, was summarily dismissed in late July, after allegedly making violent threats against Monster employees and execs and their families.

In a highly unusual statement dumped by Monster Cable via PRNewswire, the company announced the abrupt departure of Khalilian and perhaps others from the company scene. It’s fun to imagine the corporate perp walk done by “Prince Fred” on the way out the door, though it’s unusual enough that the statement offers grist such as this:

Fereidoun Khalilian (also know as Fred Khalilian and Prince Fred) and the team he brought into the company to do a hostile takeover, has been successfully exited out of the company as of July 27, 2018. A temporary restraining order has been issued against the former executive for the protection of numerous employees of Monster against threats of mutilation, death, and threats to family, in the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo. A police report was also filed with the South San Francisco Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, against Mr. Khalilian containing, allegations of fraud, theft & conspiracy.

The presser also lists a good sampling of Khalilian’s prior legal misdeeds via links to other sources, ranging from his FTC telemarketing-fraud settlements to that time he punched one of the waitresses at his Club Paris in the face. Unfortunately the five links to case numbers within the Orange County legal records system at the bottom don’t work as posted. Still, one can go to the top-level search page on that site, do searches on both “Fred Khalilian” and “Fereidoun Khalilian”, and enjoy a sampling of the man’s quality background.

The presser also includes the image at right, mentioning “Former Monster COO Fred Khalilian,” and honestly, you can’t make that stuff up. I’ve never seen anything like that in a corporate release of any form.

None of that press release’s links even touch on Khalilian’s gambling-related adventures, which we’ve focused on in several previous exposes at Flushdraw. (We’re sort of sad that our pieces didn’t make the MonsterCable presser, but since Monster seems to own the rights to whatever shit gambling-software product Khalilian was trying to sell, well, we understand.) Nonetheless, we’ve given Khalilian’s misdeeds a thorough look. These are just a few of them:

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Announces International Plans

More Delays as Details Emerge in Ongoing Comedy

PokerTribe Launch on Indefinite Hold; Investigation Launched into UEG Mystery Continues Over Four Undisclosed Prerequesites

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Receives Isle of Man Gaming License for Disappears, GreySnow Poker Replacement Site Emerges

World Poker Fund Holdings Announces $50M Crypto IPO

Speaking of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s poker site, Grey Snow Poker, that site still does not appear to have offered any sort of real- or play-money online poker play, though the poker domain’s site does now have a blog with some very generic gambling content. Grey Snow Poker’s online Twitter presence also still exists, yet has failed to post a single Tweet. The online site has still declined to disclose whether the software it will use is internally developed or comes from a partner, likely Monster Cable now, but all of these things indicate that the Iowas aren’t anywhere close to offering a live online-poker product of any type.

Khalilian has also published a brief statement on his LinkedIn page in which he acknowledges no longer being part of Monster, but offers no detail on what caused the separation. Instead, he claims to still be the second-largest shareholder of Monster Products stock, while the rest of his current page intro is devoted to the usual self-aggrandizing bullshit typical of any con artist. These days he’s claiming to be some sort of Hollywood talent agent, though one of these days he’s likely to arrive at his true pay grade, about 86 cents per hour.




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