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Credit Card Poker Sites

Once you have chosen an online poker site you’d like to play at, and registered an account, you will then be looking to deposit funds to this account using your credit card. This article is going to show you how to do exactly that and of course guide you to the very best credit card poker sites out there today.

All the online poker rooms follow very similar methods of depositing funds with a credit/debit card, so we feel that a general article would be enough to show you the steps that are involved in depositing with major credit cards like Visa/MasterCard.

Best Poker Sites Accepting Credit Cards

Using a Credit Card at an Online Poker Site Today

Once you have opened up your poker room lobby, you will need to log into your poker account in order to deposit funds. Click on the Login tab and enter your username and password that you chose when you registered your account into the window that appears.

Once logged into your account your available balance is displayed on the lobby itself, and there is an option to visit the Cashier of the poker room. This is the place where you can either deposit or withdraw funds from your poker account using your credit card. Normally the best options available will be Visa or MasterCard, and each should be readily available as a selection in the cashier area.

Depositing Online Using Your Credit Card

To deposit funds using your credit/debit card, you will then be taken to a secure web page where you can enter your credit card details and deposit your funds. Simply enter in your credit card number, your name, address, the 3-digit security code on the back of the card, and the amount you wish to deposit.

  • Within seconds of submitting your details, the credit card transaction will be approved, and the funds will show in your account, enabling you to start playing real money games in normally just a few minutes. Deposits that take any longer than that it is recommended you call or email support to see if they can push your funds through quicker.
  • Please remember that using a credit card and getting approved is never a guarantee. If you are located in the United States (see, UIGEA) or any other countries that have implemented serious gaming laws preventing banks from processing certain transactions.

What is the suggested deposit amount you should make using a credit card as a deposit method? Well, that is very much up to you; just keep in mind the more you deposit the more bonus money you can expect to receive once you meet the wagering requirements attached to the welcome bonus you were given by the online poker room.

Withdrawing Funds From An Online Poker Room

Once you have verified your account to confirm you are who you say you are, you have to submit your withdrawal request, and you will receive email confirmation. In order to submit a withdrawal using a credit card, you will need to have made a deposit with the same card. And keep in mind that MasterCard is not available as a withdrawal method at most online poker rooms.

For the quickest deposit of funds I would advise that you use either a debit or credit card, this is also the quickest way to withdraw funds as well when the option is available to you. If you ever have any problems with depositing at online poker sites using a credit card – don’t hesitate to try the same credit card a second time, or try a credit card issued from another financial institution.

Furthermore, you can contact each poker room’s customer support team. They will be more than happy to solve any deposit problem you might have. All of the top poker sites have 24/7 customer support and can issue responses in less than a day.

Advantages of Using a Credit Card for Online Poker

We can’t recommend credit/debit cards for poker deposits highly enough. Credit cards are secure, easy to use, and widely accepted at online poker sites. All of the sensitive financial information you enter is protected by several layers of encryption using the industry standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.

There are also several layers of security to prevent any fraudulent activity occurring with your credit card. Both Visa and MasterCard issued credit cards are able to assist all online poker players with their real-time fraud protection technology, which monitors all credit card transactions to identify any suspicious activity.

Disadvantages of Using a Credit Card

There are only a few disadvantages to using a credit or debit card for playing online poker, with the main one being that most poker sites don’t allow you to withdraw funds back on to the original card used to fund the account.

This is more of a banking issue than anything –  especially in a post-UIGEA world – and it is just easier for poker rooms to send you a bank wire, certified check or even a Western Union or MoneyGram payment. This is not a common problem for people using debit cards, as debit cards are connected to  a bank account that the funds can be applied back to.

Quick FAQ’s

How long does it take for my credit card deposit to show in my poker account?

Normally credit card deposits show up in a matter of minutes, with some real money sites taking anywhere from a handful of hours. If there is a reason to suspect delay issues it’s important you take the time to email support or call a live representative as they can normally push the funds through quicker.

What kind of deposit limits are there with credit cards?

Most poker sites state you must make a minimum deposit of around $10 to $20 if you’re using a Visa or MasterCard, with a maximum daily load of $500. However, if you’re looking to deposit more than this, exceptions can usually be made simply by emailing support.

Are there fees involved and can I withdraw my bankroll back to my credit card?

Normally there are no fees involved with a credit card deposit, however, most financial institutions fees will still apply standard interest towards your statement if it’s not paid off on time every month.

As far as withdrawing goes, you can normally withdraw funds back to your card, but it’s normally more prevalent with debit cards. MasterCard also blocks withdrawals from going back onto your card, so your best bet is using Visa for deposits and cashouts at your favorite online cardroom.