PayPal Poker Sites

PayPal is one the most popular methods for transferring money online, millions of people use PayPal to pay for all kinds of items on the Internet off of websites like eBay, making it the most convenient way of paying online merchants. So therefore, it makes sense to use your PayPal account to deposit money on an online poker site.

PayPal is the ideal funding option to use for playing online poker games for real money. Unfortunately, even though PayPal is such a big money transfer service and supports multiple currencies, the fact of the matter is that the majority of online poker sites don’t allow deposits to be made using PayPal.

Reason being, they don’t wish to be affiliated with any sort of online gambling, and this of course extends to online poker. Despite this, there are couple of licensed and regulated online poker sites that do still accept PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, such as 888 Poker, Ladbrokes Poker and Betfair Poker.

This is because these particular poker sites cater mainly to European players, and the law as it pertains to online gambling in that region is slightly different as opposed to areas with stricter regulations like the United States, for example. Outside of the UK and a few select European countries, PayPal is not really an option that is available for deposits or cashouts. If you’re lucky enough to be access a PayPal poker site than you should do everything you can to take advantage of using your account right now.

If PayPal is available as an option for you in the ‘Cashier’ area of the poker room you’re playing at, and you already have a PayPal account, then it makes a lot of sense to try and deposit using this online payment option. If you have already funds in your PayPal balance that you’d like to use, then there’s no need to deposit additional cash. That way, you can just choose a poker room that accepts PayPal, therefore, cutting down the time required to deposit with an alternative payment method.

Best Online Poker Sites for PayPal Users

How to Use PayPal to Play Online Poker

As soon as you have selected the PayPal poker site that you’d like to play at, head over to the Cashier section of your account. If PayPal is available to you, you will see it listed as a deposit option, most likely next to options like Neteller, Skrill or credit card.

To deposit into an online poker site using this method, simply click on the PayPal button and enter the amount you wish to deposit; you’ll be taken to PayPal’s secure website to complete the payment through your existing balance, a credit card and/or bank account.

The great thing about using PayPal for online poker deposits is that you never need to reveal any financial information to any poker sites. Furthermore, there are no fees for depositing, and the deposit is instant, allowing you to jump straight into the action.

PayPal withdrawals don’t attract a fee of any sort from the poker site, although there are transaction fees charged by PayPal when you withdraw the funds from PayPal to your bank account. Any fees you may charged are really dependent on your account type and your locale, so it’s important to check that out via the PayPal website or emailing support at whatever online cardroom you play at.

Advantages of Using PayPal for Online Poker

The advantages of PayPal to deposit money into your poker account are clear. It is simple to use PayPal as your form of deposit, and you won’t have to set up other accounts using other e-wallets or other methods. This not only saves times depositing, but also helps you to manage your bankroll better, as you are dealing with a single e-wallet.

Another advantage to using PayPal is the security offered by such a trusted e-wallet to safeguard members’ funds. PayPal is the biggest online wallet system, with dozens of licenses to operate globally, and you don’t get that reputation without having good security. You can be sure that your money will be completely safe in a PayPal account. In addition to this, there is 24/7 support available for if you ever need it.

Quick FAQ’s about PayPal Poker

Will PayPal ever be available to Americans for online poker site deposits?

Unless gambling regulation changes at a more federal level, I do not foresee PayPal being available again to USA citizens in the near future. Due to the strict language in the UIGEA laws, PayPal would most likely not risk huge financial penalties or damage to their brand by allowing Americans to use their wallet to deposit at their favorite gambling website.

What are my deposit limits and the fees incurred to fund my poker account?

Normally, the minimum deposit to take use PayPal is $15 to $25 at most poker rooms, with the maximum deposit limits set anywhere from $300 to $500. However, we advise you email support at whatever site you choose to play at to confirm this.

There are no fees currently to deposit online to play poker. However, there may be a small surcharge to withdraw funds, normally in the 1% to 4% range depending on your account type and location.

Is PayPal as secure as other deposit options like Skrill or Neteller?

Yes. PayPal has reigned supreme in the payment processing world for many years and there’s nothing to indicate it’s going anywhere anytime soon. The company uses 128-bit encryption technology to keep your private details safe and have 24/7 support to ensure your account and peace of mind is protected around the clock.

PayPal has over 150,000,000 active account in use today, which shows the type of loyalty and trust the company has earned from its customers. They also are in the most markets ANYWHERE and have 26 different currencies available for its users.