Wirecard Poker Sites

Wirecard was founded in 1999 and has provided outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payment transactions for decades. The company’s reputation as a leading online payment solution provider will now seek to grow its business in the online gambling arena, where processing deposits for players can be quite lucrative.

Wirecard has provided online banking services for many years, in various options for businesses, shopping and entertainment. They recently acquired Click2Pay and have been aggressively buying up other payment processors in order to expand their business on a much more global scale. There is little doubt that they are here for the long haul and are looking to compete with the likes of Neteller and Skrill when it comes to being one of the most widely used deposit options for poker players.

With Wirecard, you can easily deposit into your online poker account at any site that accepts the financial method. You simply need to register with the e-Wallet and then deposit. Once you have deposited cash into your e-Wallet account, you will be ready to bankroll your account in seconds. Some of the Cashier sections at these rooms might still show Click2Pay as an option, but if you click it you should be redirected to an area to input your Wirecard details instead.

Best Wirecard-Friendly Poker Sites

The Wirecard Sign Up and Verification Process

To get started, you will need to purchase a mywirecard 2go VISA or a mywirecard MasterCard. You can do this at a local retailer or by logging online at www.mywirecard.com. As you make the card purchase, you will be loading the card with credit. You will need to activate the card and you can then add funds to this card as you like. Manage your card online, being able to see how much you have left on the card and how much you have used.

Once you have money on your card, you will be able to make a deposit at your chosen poker site. You will make the deposit just like you would with a standard debit or credit card. Because Wirecard involves a VISA or MasterCard, you will find several online poker sites accept this method of payment, making it easy for you to make a deposit and enjoy real money game play.

Advantages of Using Wirecard

Every online poker player wants to feel secure in knowing that their funds are safe, be it at the actual online poker room or during the deposit process. Wirecard offers a secure solution for you to be able to have a prepaid card that can then be used to play online poker. You can feel safe using this secure virtual payment method.

Wirecard also features a top-notch mobile app that allows players to not check their account balances from their smartphone, but also to make payments online to any Wirecard-friendly merchant. The app is only available for Android phones but there has been talk of them getting a similar app for the Apple Store for iOS-powered devices.

Quick Wirecard FAQ’s

How do I use Wirecard to deposit on most online poker sites?

Simply load your Wirecard with cash using cash, a credit card or electronic transfer. You can purchase a Wirecard online or in a retail store. Log on to your online poker account and then use your Wirecard just like you would a debit or credit card.

Minimum deposits start at $10 and the process is so quick, your account will be loaded and ready for game play in no time. In most cases, online poker sites do not charge when you use your Wirecard for depositing, which is another bonus.

Do most poker sites accept Wirecard for deposits?

Wirecard is a popular method used for funding accounts online. Poker sites are starting to warm up to the idea of Wirecard and several top brands already allow Wirecard for depositing funds. You can even use Wirecard via your mobile device, as the payment processor has a mobile payment option.

Are there any fees that are associated with depositing with Wirecard?

There are different card types for the Wirecard VISA and the MasterCard. Depending on the type, you will have fees associated. There is a small transfer fee when you load your online poker account and you have a small annual fee for using the card, which is usually just under €10.

What limits are there on depositing to my Wirecard account?

With the VISA option, you have the Go card, the Limited and the Ultimate. Limits will vary based on the type of card you choose. With the Go card, you can deposit only 100 Euro at one time and athe card can only be used once. With the Limited card, you can deposit 100 Euro and then recharge and additional 100 Euro a month. With the Ultimate, you have the option to recharge and add as much as 5,000 euros each month.

With MasterCard, there does not appear to be any depositing limits.

How secure is Wirecard when compared to other eWallets?

Wirecard is a quality option for online poker players to deposit funds for gaming. As a product of the Wirecard Bank AG, the option is under the supervision of Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht and is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Your credit is additionally secured allowing you to feel safe using this method of deposit. This company is also one of the biggest payment processors listed on the German stock exchange so you can have added peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.