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The Best No Download Poker Sites

No download poker sites are some the best options for poker players who want to quickly get in on the action online. There are never any delays, glitches or hassles when it comes to no download poker play. You simply get started and play as long as you like.

The primary benefit of no download options is that you are not required to download any software. Your hard drive will have plenty of space, without software taking up any room and you can begin game play with ease. You basically have an instant and easily accessible online poker option that allows you to enjoy a quick game on your mobile phone, even if you’re out for coffee or just on the go in general.

Best In-Browser Online Poker Sites

Quick History

Most every online poker site offers a no download version of gaming. Also known as Flash or in-browser gaming, no download allows players to compete immediately, without having to download any software. Unfortunately, for some operating systems, like Apple’s iOS, Flash poker is non-existent right now from your iPhone or iPad’s Safari browser and can only be played via an App download.

Regardless though, this type of option is more convenient as they may have a slow internet connection that would take forever to download the gaming software or they just prefer to use a public computer for gaming – the beauty is you can play on 4G or LTE if you don’t have a wireless connection immediately around.

Whatever the case may be, players will find that no download poker software provides a seamless gaming experience on all browsers, from Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

What Exactly Are No Download Poker Sites?

If you are a beginner to the online poker world, you may be wondering just what is a no download poker site? Basically an online poker provider will offer a special variant of their gaming software that does not require a download to begin game play. You basically open up the software in your browser and you get started. You may have to update your browser from time to time but this should be the only step you have to take to be able to enjoy poker cash games and tournament play.

When you use the no download version, you will not have access to the full range of gaming features and products that you will find with the downloadable version. However, for most players, this is nothing to consider. As online poker sites continue to shift towards recreational game play, the no download versions of gaming software are being added to so that recreational players have more options without having to download software.

Playing from Qualified Browsers/Ease of Use

Qualified browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, make it easy for you to take advantage of no download poker. You will find different sites operate better on different browsers, some being more enjoyable on Firefox while others are fine with Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is really more of a personal preference rather than a need, in most cases.

You will find the ease of use is exceptional with no download poker as there are no steps to take. You are immediately given access to the gaming lobby where you can find cash games, promotions, tournaments and more. The layout will vary from site to site, with most being self-explanatory, even for new users.

Benefits of No Download Poker

There are a few primary reasons that players choose to enjoy no download poker rather than the downloadable software. The speed of use is essential when you do not want to wait for download times. Players who use multiple devices, such as at work or public computers, will do better to use the no download option.

This method of poker game play is convenient as you can enjoy it anywhere, without having to worry about having to upload any software to the computer you are using. Safety is also a primary concern and not one associated with no download gaming. You have no need for malware or adware as you will not have to concern yourself with downloading any software to begin game play.

Crash Issues

No download sites do not necessarily have crash issues. You may experience a problem if your computer has issues or if the internet were to go out, but overall, you do not have to worry about lag times or issues with the no download gaming client. When taking part in tournament play, be sure to have a reliable internet connection so you will not be disconnected for too long while you’re building a stack through the deeper levels of an MTT.

What Games Can I Play with No Download Poker?

The popular variants of poker such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha can always be found in several formats when playing no download poker. This can include No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit. You will find other variants such as Stud, HORSE and more depending on the poker room you are visiting.

All of these games can be played in varying limits from the low to mid stakes and even high stakes. Stakes will range in price depending on where you play, with most sites offering $0.01/$0.02 and as high as $200/$400.

Most rooms have been emphasizing “Zoom Poker” formats, which basically allows players to load another table as soon you win a hand or fold one. This has been a very popular game type over the last few years and has only caught more steam as poker sites design their technology to allow these games to function on your browser or mobile device.

No Download Poker FAQ’s

Am I required to download anything?

No. With no download poker sites, you do not have to download any software to get started. Simply open up an account and begin game play via the poker site you’re looking to play on.

Are no download poker sites considered safe?

Yes. You can actually consider no download poker sites safer than downloading gaming software as you are not at risk to downloading a virus to your system. You want to make sure that any site you use has a high level of online encryption so that your financial and personal information is safe.

A secure site is indicated by the SSL lock at the bottom of the tool bar in your browser or with an ‘s’ located in the “https://“ portion of the web address. You can feel most secure by enjoying online poker gaming with a trusted brand.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals with no download gaming software?

Of course! You can play for real money with no download software just as you would with downloaded software. You will be provided with secure methods to deposit money into your account as well as make a withdrawal. This can include an online e-wallet, credit card or bank account.

Will I have access to the same features as with downloaded poker software?

You may or may not have access to all features, depending on the site you choose. In most cases, the downloadable version offers additional features but you can still enjoy quality game play with the no download version including tournaments, SNGs, MTTs, cash gaming and more.