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Android Poker Sites

The ability to play online poker on Android devices was first made available in 2010. From there, the mobile gambling market would only continue to grow exponentially in the years that followed. Now, the number of Android poker sites has exceeded well over 500 different betting apps, all available with the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

It is easy to see that as mobile technology grows and expands, so too do the wants and needs of poker players. Online poker sites have taken notice of this and are more readily creating and/or updating their own mobile platforms. While at one point it was a luxury for your favorite online poker room to offer a mobile application, it has now become something that is expected.

Now, as hundreds of competing poker sites battle for their own piece of the market share, these brands are now tweaking their offerings to become even more user-friendly than before. It is truly exciting to see where mobile poker is heading as a facet of the industry.

Best Poker Sites for Android Users

Is Playing at Android Poker Sites Safe?

As is the case any time a new feature of online poker is introduced, players are skeptical as to how safe and secure playing on mobile devices actually is. After all, with unreliable cellular and wireless networks all over the country, who is to say a game will not cut out, causing you to lose money unexpectedly? While this is a natural and well-founded fear, it is not one that you should read much into.

Android poker sites are some of the most advanced in existence today, and there are all sorts of avenues by which you will be protected from you suddenly losing service momentarily or even if your phone happens to die and shut off in the middle of a hand.

Most times, poker sites will time you out of the hand if you’ve already began the process of performing an action (ie call, bet, fold) and automatically sit you out once they’ve recognized you’ve lost service in the middle of a hand. This is also the case if your WiFi somehow begins to lag out or loses connection as well. In most instances you will be sat out of any future hands at that table without having to contribute blinds or ante’s.

Finances Are Also Safe Using Android Devices

From a financial and personal information standpoint, mobile Android poker sites offer many of the same protections offered by traditional online platforms. In most cases, your options for deposit and withdrawal are the same on your mobile device as they would be from a personal computer. The online poker industry is safer and more secure now than it has been at any other point in time, so the safety of your personal and financial information is rarely a concern these days when accessing your account from your Android-powered device.

How Do I Play Android Poker?

If you want to get started playing poker on your Android device, it is typically as simple as downloading the poker client with which you would like to play. In most instances, the software can be downloaded from one of two places. Sometimes, the poker site mandates that you acquire the software directly from them, while other poker rooms feature a downloadable app found in the app store, or Play Store, as it is called on Android devices.

In rarer circumstances, the poker site in question may not have a downloadable app, but rather a poker client that functions within your device’s web browser. This is becoming increasingly infrequent as most sites opt for the simplicity and user-friendliness of a downloadable app. However, some players will quickly discover they can only enjoy sites like Carbon Poker or Bovada directly from their phone or tablet’s web browser, as each do not offer apps in the Google Play Store at the current time.

What Poker Games Are Available for Android Devices?

When it comes to the exact offering of poker games, that much depends on the site at which you choose to play. There are some sites who only focus on Texas Hold’em, while others work to have an even selection of all poker variants, from Razz, Omaha and 7 Card Stud.

Due to the increased competition seen in the sheer number of Android poker applications on the market today, we are more steadily witnessing sites expand their offering to include all of the popular poker variants. Nowadays, a site cannot get away with only focusing on one type of poker.

What Type of Limits Are Available?

Another great asset for Android-friendly sites is the fact they offer most of their games as they would normally have set up in the lobby of the PC software. Basically, all players will have access to micro stakes all the way up to the medium and high stakes ring game tables.

To clarify, there should be some transparency to the aforementioned sentence – that being most gamblers playing in high stakes games are usually not doing so via their mobile devices. The more popular games being played on Android devices are micro to lower stakes games that generally don’t exceed more than a $100 to $200 max buy in.

Because Android poker applications are a relatively new feature in the industry, there is also a new generation of players that have been exposed to the game. For that reason, there has been a huge jump in not just play money games where new users can practice their game, but also a nice increase overall in the real money mobile gaming department.

Are There Bonuses/Promotions?

Believe it or not, some of the best promotions can be found coming from Android poker sites. Being new as it is, the industry is constantly working to get its hand on new players by any means necessary. For some sites, the means by which they acquire new players is by offering irresistible sign-up and deposit bonuses.

Usually, the bonuses are very similar to what is normally offered via the poker site itself. Sometimes, though, you’ll notice other sites throwing in free cash coupons to try out at the tables if you decide to fire up a table on your smartphone. Look out for these special types of offers, especially at sites like 888, Party Poker and BetOnline.

How Fast are Deposits & Withdrawals?

This is a question that can only be answered by the site at which you are playing. While some sites offer withdrawals that show up in your bank account same day, other sites can have you waiting weeks before any money is in your hands. By doing a bit of research you will be able to determine which Android poker sites are the most efficient as it relates to processing withdrawals.

As far as deposits are concerned, most poker sites offer methods of deposit that allow for funds to show up in a players bankroll instantly. Nowadays, it is unusual for a site to offer anything other than what amounts to instantaneous deposits.

Most poker sites offer instant access to your player account straight from your Android device. From here, you can easily deposit, withdraw or just monitor your bankroll with the click of a finger. It’s simple – and more importantly, it’s secure.