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FTOPS XXVI Schedule Released

It’s almost FTOPS time again at Full Tilt Poker and the poker room recently released the schedule for 26th iteration of the online tournament series. FTOPS XXVI (now more than half the number of Super Bowls!) will start on August 3rd and run for two weeks, ending on August 17th. The series will span 31 events, culminating with the $635 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry Main Event, which carries a million dollar guaranteed prize pool.

Full Tilt has a number of special features running with FTOPS XXVI, most of which will be familiar to players who have participated in the past. As usual, you have the bonus goodies for doing well in the FTOPS tournaments: those who make the final table of an event get a special FTOPS jacket and those who win an event will get the jacket plus a gold FTOPS jersey and a gold-jersey avatar to use at the Full Tilt Poker tables. The Bouncebackability Freeroll is back, too, offering the bubble boys of each event one more chance at a payday. FTOPS Avatar

There will be an FTOPS XXVI Leaderboard, as well, on which players are awarded points based on how high they finish in various events. The person who sits atop the list at the end of FTOPS will win a four month Full Tilt Poker Black Card Pro sponsorship contract and a Black Card Pro avatar.

Satellites for FTOPS XXVI started last week and even those have the chance to reward players with something other than a seat in an FTOPS event. Players can become FTOPS Satellite Heroes by earning their seats through the satellites and then going on to cash in the tournaments. Anyone who cashes once after satelliting in will receive an FTOPS Satellite Hero Freeroll ticket. That freeroll, which will be held on August 23rd (the same day as the Bouncebackability Freeroll), will award 25 MiniFTOPS Main Event tickets. Anyone who cashes twice in FTOPS events after qualifying via satellite will win a $75 MiniFTOPS Main Event ticket. Those who cash three or four times will win the ticket plus 50 tournament dollars to be used any time on Full Tilt Poker and anyone who cashes five or more times will win the MiniFTOPS Main Event ticket plus 100 tournament dollars.

Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXVI Schedule

Event #DateBuy-inGameGuarantee
13-Aug$200 + $15NLH Re-Entry$300,000
2a3-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
2b4-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
34-Aug$200 + $15HORSE$25,000
44-Aug$200 + $15NLH Rush Turbo$75,000
2c5-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
55-Aug$200 + $15FLH$25,000
65-Aug$310 + $10NLH Super Turbo Knockout$100,000
76-Aug$300 + $20Razz$25,000
86-Aug$100 + $9NLH Heads-Up$25,000
2d6-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
97-Aug$200 + $15PLO H/L 6-Max$40,000
107-Aug$200 + $15NLH 6-Max$100,000
2e7-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
118-Aug$200 + $15MIXED 25-Game 6-Max Turbo Re-Entry$25,000
128-Aug$100 + $9NLH 1R/1A$75,000
2f8-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
2g9-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
139-Aug$1,000 + $50NLH$250,000
149-Aug$300 + $20PLO 6-Max Triple Chance$75,000
2g9-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
2h10-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
1510-Aug$120 + $9NLH Knockout$300,000
2h10-Aug$50 + $5NLH Multi-Day$200,000
1610-Aug$300 + $20NLH Re-Entry$300,000
17a10-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
17b11-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
1811-Aug$500 + $30MIXED 10-Game 6-Max Multi-Entry$75,000
1911-Aug$200 + $15NLH Turbo$60,000
17c12-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
2012-Aug$200 + $15PL 6-Card Omaha 6-Max$40,000
2112-Aug$104 + $5NLH Multi-Entry Flipout$40,000
2213-Aug$200 + $157-Stud$25,000
2313-Aug$100 + $9NLH 6-Max Re-buy$75,000
17d13-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
2414-Aug$200 + $15NLH 4-Handed$40,000
17e14-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
2615-Aug$200 + $15NLO H/L 6-Max$30,000
2715-Aug$100 + $9NLH Rush Re-buy$100,000
17f15-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
17g16-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
2816-Aug$2,000 + $100NLH Multi-Day$500,000
2916-Aug$200 + $15PLO Rush$40,000
17g16-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
17h17-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
3017-Aug$240 + $15NLH 6-Max Knockout$250,000
17h17-Aug$100 + $9NLH Multi-Day$300,000
Main Event17-Aug$600 + $35NLH Re-Entry$1,000,000


Schedule Notes

• All days listed are starting days of the tournaments or start days of different opening flights.
• Events 2 and 17 obviously have several starting days. The two listings for Days 2g, 2h, 17g, and 17h are not typos – there are actually two separate starting times for those flights on the days listed. So it’s really like Day 2g1, 2g2, 2h1, 2h2, etc.
• Day 2 of Event 2 is on August 10th.
• Day 2 of Event 17 is on August 17th.
• Day 2 of Event 28 is on August 17th.


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